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ZIC Gear Oil Gear 5 85W-140 (VHVI TECH) - 1 Litre

ZIC Gear Oil Gear 5 85W-140 (VHVI TECH) - 1 Litre

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ZIC Gear Oil Gear 5 (VHVI TECH) - 1 Litre

ZIC GEAR 5 is premium, multi-purpose, automotive gear lubricants designed to meet the highest performance level of the requirements of many modern passenger vehicle. It delivers outstanding power transfer performance as well as protection against thermal and oxidative degradation, wear & corrosion, and viscosity lost.


  • Provided consistent shift performance for new and old transmission.
  • Provides excellent oxidative stability under sever driving conditions.
  • Provides quality engine effectiveness
  • Smooth shifting in extreme temperatures
  • Provides high foam stability
  • Provides more stable friction property
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