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Universal PVC Car Floor Mats 5pcs - Black

Universal PVC Car Floor Mats 5pcs - Black

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Universal PVC Car Floor Mats 5pcs - Black

PVC matting can be seen on the floor and walls of buildings which can also be used in the floor of a car. The advantage of PVC flooring in cars is, the floor of the car can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth unlike the OE carpets. Rubber mats on the PVC flooring can be put to enhance the ambiance of the car. They are designed to protect a vehicle's floor from dirt, wear, and salt corrosion from surfaces

Do Car Mats protect your car?

Car mats protect your car from wear and stains. Remember: it's much easier to replace a car mat than to redo the carpeting. By adding luxury, comfort, and protection for your car, made-to-fit mats will actually increase the value of your car.It Protect and enhance the value of your car.


  • PVC Car Floor Mats
  • Trap dirt and moisture
  • Guard against spills
  • Built for Protection
  • Easy to Clean
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