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Toyota Prius Dashboard Carpet Mat - Model 2009-2015

Toyota Prius Dashboard Carpet Mat - Model 2009-2015

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Toyota Prius Dashboard Carpet Mat - Model 2009-2015

A Dashboard Carpet is specially designed to protect your dashboard from fading, cracking, and deteriorating all while adding an upscale look to your dashboard. Think of a dash cover as a protective shield for your dashboard. It will also keep the sun from drying and cracking the dashboard.The blankets will block the sunlight so the seats will stay cooler.

Why Do We Need a Dashboard Carpet For Vehicle?

In you really want to take very good care of your car, then installing a Dashboard Carpet is considered as the most important step you can take towards maintaining the interior of your car. The most important advantages of using the Dashboard Mat is that it provides protection to your dashboard against the harmful UV rays of sunlight.


  • Improves Air conditioner Performance
  • Protects dashboard from UV rays
  • Provides Sunlight Protection
  • Blocks Dirt, Dust, & Scratches
  • Reduces in-car temperature
  • Prevents Heat Damage
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