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Toyota Petron Engine Oil 20W-50

Toyota Petron Engine Oil 20W-50

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Toyota Petron Engine Oil 20W-50 - 4 Litres

Toyota Petron Engine Oil is high technology gasoline engine oil especially designed for all Toyota vehicles to maintain the quality of your Toyota vehicle. It is formulated specifically for your vehicle, that enhances your engine’s performance.It is a special combination of an advance technology base oil and special additive package that delivers exceptional performance in modern low emission engines, as well as, old well-maintained engines.

General Characteristics

  • Meet API service category SL/CF & SAE 20W-50.
  • Meet ILSAC GF-3 standard.
  • Contains highly purified base stocks and additive to meet API SL performance grade
  • Improve oil pressure & oil consumption control.
    • Ensuring engine against deposit and wear problem which can be caused by
      viscosity increase of engine oil in modern Toyota engine operated in high
      temperature condition.
    • Longer engine life & increase engine power retention
    • More than 5000 KM mileage.
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