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Toyota Corolla Fog Lamps Bumper Light Model 2014-2017

Toyota Corolla Fog Lamps Bumper Light Model 2014-2017

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Toyota Corolla Fog Lamps Bumper Light Model 2014-2017

When it comes to road safety in foggy conditions, Autofy Pakistan provides the best weather visibility solutions with their high-quality fog lamps. As one of the leading fog lamp suppliers in Pakistan, we offer a wide range of fog lamps for vehicles, including cars of all models. Whether you need fog lights for cars or car fog lights for safe driving, they have reliable and affordable fog lamps that ensure optimal visibility. With their fog light installation services, you can easily equip your vehicle with bright fog lights that have reduced glare, providing a clear view of the road ahead. Moreover, their fog lamps come with a warranty and are weather-resistant, making them the best choice for foggy conditions. Check out the collection of fog lamps online and price in Pakistan and discover the perfect fog lamp accessories for a safer and more confident driving experience.

What is the purpose of fog lights?

Fog lights are used to cut through the fog and give you more visibility on the road. As well as helping you to see the road more clearly, they also help other drivers to see you better.

What is the difference between fog lights and fog lamps?

So while some fog lights do produce selective yellow light, many produce white light. It's actually the bar-shaped beam of light, and the way that the beam is aimed, that makes a fog lamp a fog lamp, rather than the color.


  • Improved visibility in fog.
  • Enhanced safety by reducing fog.
  • Better illumination of the road.
  • Minimizing reflections in fog.
  • Allowing the driver to see the road surface.
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