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Toyota Corolla Air Press / Sun Visor 4pcs - Model 2002-2008

Toyota Corolla Air Press / Sun Visor 4pcs - Model 2002-2008

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Toyota Corolla Air Press / Sun Visor 4pcs - Model 2002-2008

The Air Press also commonly known as sun visor, rain visor or window deflector will prevent the droplets from making their way inside the car. Sun visors, like the name, prevent the sun’s glare from blinding you while driving. They deflect the rays from the sides and make driving in scorching heat more bearable, thus allowing you to keep your windows open even in inclement weather.Shop Now Genuine & Authentic parts of Toyota Corolla air filter, oil filter, cabin ac filter,TXR air press Set with Chrome , modified spare parts, accessories parts, 5D,7D,Carpet, Rubber & PVC Floor mats & Trunk Mats & Modified Parts available at Reasonable price in Pakistan.

Applicable on Toyota Corolla 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

How are they fitted?

They are straightforward to fit without any mechanical knowledge or particular tools and simply slide into the seal at the top of the car door.

  • First, hold the deflector up to the door to check it’s the right shape.
  • Next, make sure you peel away the protective plastic film (your deflectors aren’t scratched, they are just being kept protected in transit!).
  • Once fitted, leave up for 48 hours to allow the rubber channel to ‘set’ to the new shape of the deflectors.


  • Aerodynamic design reduces drag
  • Prevent the sun’s glare and rain
  • Smooth, slim-line design
  • Reducing wind and noise
  • Tinted to reduce glare
  • Car-wash friendly
  • Set of 4pcs
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