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Suzuki Red Logo Seat Belt Clip - 2pcs

Suzuki Red Logo Seat Belt Clip - 2pcs

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Suzuki Red Logo Seat Belt Clip - 2pcs

Seat belt locking clips are are small metal parts attached to the seat belts.Seat Belt Adjuster Clips, One of these clips keeps your shoulder belt where it belongs-securely over your shoulder and not digging in your neck. Clip the black plastic seat belt adjuster onto the seat belt, and place shoulder strap through the top slot.

What are seat belt clips for?

The Seat Belt Clip is fixed on the safety belt to reduce the tension of the belt. It won’t influence the safety of seat belt. Insert the product into the hole of the safety buckle, press lightly, and confirm the installation after the warning sound is eliminated.


  • Exquisite and practical
  • High quality material
  • High compatibility
  • Car seat belt clip
  • Easy to install
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