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Suzuki Brake Fluid DOT-3 - 200ML

Suzuki Brake Fluid DOT-3 - 200ML

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Suzuki Genuine Brake Fluid DOT-3 - 200ML

Suzuki Genuine Brake fluid is an extra high performance brake fluid for use in Automotive Disc, anti-skid brake & clutch system.Brake fluid maintains a high boiling point even under the most severe operating conditions, offers superior protection against metal corrosion and does not form harmful sedimentation. Suzuki products are crafted to the same high standards as your Suzuki vehicle. They are developed through the performance and durability testing of professional community.


  • Developed for brake and hydraulic clutch systems
  • Reduce vapor lock by providing a higher boiling point
  • Superior metal component protection
  • Helps prevent corrosion and leakage
  • For use in the master brake cylinder
  • Meets/exceeds DOT 3 performance specifications
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