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STP Diesel Injector Cleaner - 200ML

STP Diesel Injector Cleaner - 200ML

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STP Diesel Injector Cleaner - 200ML

STP High Mileage Diesel Injector Cleaner is specially formulated for vehicles over 75,000 miles to remove power-robbing deposits from diesel injection systems and provide the extra clean and protection needed. One treatment helps unclog injectors to restore accurate injector spray patterns and lost power, quickly dissolving deposits to improve the engine’s performance and restore lubrication with STP WEARGUARD technology. The difference will, in most cases, be noticed within 50 miles.


  • Concentrated cleaning power
  • Unclogs dirty injectors
  • Helps reduce emmissions
  • Restores engine peformance
  • 200ml Bottle

Why Use a Fuel additive?

  • Additives are a relevant part of engine maintenance regime
  • Car manufacturers recognise that “Clean engines = Better performance”
  • Additives help keep vehicles running well, extends reliability, less likely to break down
  • Build up of carbon deposits can occur within 4,000 miles, no matter how new or old the car is
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