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Honda City Side Windows Sun Shades 4pcs - Model 2021-2024

Honda City Side Windows Sun Shades 4pcs - Model 2021-2024

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Honda City Sun Shades 4pcs 

Sun shades are essential attachments to your car's windshield or side windows that shield the interior from the sun's rays and help cool down the temperature. They not only provide comfort in hot weather, but also prevent damage caused by the sun's UV radiation. In the long run, avoiding sunlight is crucial for preserving a vehicle's interior.

How do Sun Shades Work?

The use of car sunshades can effectively reduce the internal temperature of your vehicle. Reflective models work by reflecting harmful UV rays and solar rays from the sun, while non-reflective shades absorb them. By reflecting a higher percentage of light, sunshades prevent excess heat from entering the car's cabin. This helps maintain a cooler temperature inside the vehicle.

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