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KIA Grand Carnival Oil Filter - Model 2018-2020

KIA Grand Carnival Oil Filter - Model 2018-2020

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KIA Genuine Oil Filters

Are you looking for the best car oil filter for your vehicle? It's essential to choose the right oil filter, especially one that is compatible with your car make and model. Changing the oil filter is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance. Keeping your oil filter clean is crucial, as it prevents contaminants from reaching the engine and potentially causing damage. If you notice signs of a bad oil filter, such as decreased engine performance or oil leaks, it's crucial to replace it promptly. To locate the oil filter in your specific car make and model, consult the owner's manual or search for online resources that provide detailed instructions.

When should I change my oil filter?

Depending on the type of oil filter and driving conditions, it's recommended to change the oil filter every few thousand kilometers. If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, there are various resources available that explain the process of replacing a car oil filter. Additionally, an oil filter cross-reference guide can help you find alternative oil filter options that are compatible with your vehicle. For enhanced performance, you can explore performance oil filters designed to meet the demands of high-performance engines.


  • Captures dirt particles that can cause harmful engine wear
  • Support Long Engine Life And Performance
  • Protect Fuel Injection System
  • Absorbs contaminants
  • Protect Vehicle Engine
  • Increase Fuel Economy
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